At Phillips 66, we strive to develop and attract top talent. We endeavor to develop and lead them in their careers, while furthering our efforts to positively impact the energy market with diversity of thought and global perspective. If you have the potential, we want to afford you a unique opportunity to further explore your strengths. That’s why we’re delighted to offer our annual search for SHIELD Scholars, a scholarship program available to a select group of exceptional students from outstanding academic institutions. SHIELD Scholars is a highly valued program centered around four pillars:

  • Involvement: Community service and engagement
  • Education: Requires GPA of 3.25 or better
  • Leadership: Activities focus on service learning and leadership
  • Development: Company mentor guides professional and personal development

As a SHIELD Scholar, you’ll benefit from enrichment activities, professional development, cultural events and community service, all designed to help you make a smooth transition from student to professional. Mentoring relationships with Phillips 66 professionals who walked in your path just a few years earlier are also forged to ensure your personal growth. And to make sure we capture the interest of students like you, we added internship opportunities, recognition and a $3,500 annual scholarship.